Rick and Morty, Wubbalubba-Draw this!


Heyo guys, this week I’ll be talking about everybody’s favorite sauce riot maker, Rick  and Morty! This creative show has a connecting overall story despite it being presented in the typical adult cartoon show. It originally follows the incredible adventures of young Morty and his recently back in his life grandfather Rick Sanchez as they cross the endless multi-verse. As time passes Morty becomes progressively more jaded due to all of their life-threatening escapades. Eventually the series comes to an exciting peak that you’ll have to find out for yourself in the third season.

Today’s Wicked artist is Ascha(Beanbeast) and they’ve got some rad fanart of Lizard Morty to show us.


What Got you to love Rick and Morty enough to draw their different versions?

My friends
They were crazy into it?? N then i saw it was on netflix (and i have netflix) so i figured i might as well watch it
I didnt think i would like it at first but?? Honestly
The show is so good
But i was just afraid it was gonna b like american dad or family guy yknow

But its not rlly
It can get p deep

Sometimes i mean”


Rad bud! What episode was what you’d call the turning point?

I saw this ep (ricklantis mixup) w lizard morty
N wanted fanart of that
But i didnt find a whole lot so i started doodling him myself n eventually made digital art 2”


That’s awesome bud, I’m so glad you like the show.

 Feel free to check out their rad blogs, the Cover photo was drawn by them.

Rick and Morty has recently caused a bit of a stir, as I mentioned earlier, with their tie-in with McDonald’s in making the now infamous Szechuan sauce. There have been numerous reports of fans crowding and attempting to raid the poor stores for the incredibly limited supply of sauce. The aforementioned sauce is currently selling for a “reasonable” price of $15,350.00, yes people are willing to pay that much for some sauce.

Besides the crazy fans, and besides the crazy anti-fans, the in the happy middle are people like Ascha who can calmly enjoy a show without screaming about their “precious boi” every two hours.


That’s been this week, I’m think thing that next time I take on one of the big three, SuperWhoLock!

Until next time, I’m Reviss and this have been my ramble.